Doing Lines: Check Out Poetic People Power


I’d like to acknowledge the outreach of Tara Bracco, who informed me about this project. I urge all of you to visit the website of the project here: Better still, I urge all of you to set aside time on May 19 to go to the event. We’ll print any and all reactions in this post.

Poetic People Power, according to Bracco, “combines poetry and activism.” The idea is to present “informative and engaging poetry shows about important issues that affect our everyday lives.” They do one show a year exploring a new political or social topic. The organization also works in schools, festivals and performs at nonprofit fundraisers.

This year, Poetic People Power performs its eighth annual show. The title of this one is Price Check: How We Became a Culture of Consumption — again, the date is Wed., May 19. The location: The Producers’ Club, 358 W. 44th St. The evening gets underway at 7pm, the admission price is $15.

The show explore the economics, psychology and the costs of our consumerism culture.

Reservations can be made by emailing