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PCC Productions in conjunction with TheatreRats
The West Village Musical Theatre Festival
The inaugural festival for new one-act musicals from emerging NYC talent

June 10-13 at the Wings Theatre

PCC Productions is proud to introduce The West Village Musical Theatre Festival — New York’s first festival of all-new one-act musicals by a selection of NYC’s top emerging professional composers, lyricists and librettists, and featuring performances from a unique blend of rising Broadway, Off-Broadway and conservatory talent.

The West Village Musical Theatre Festival runs June 10-13th at the Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher Street, and features a dozen new works from some of musical theatre’s most exciting emerging and established writers, including Michael Roderick (Best American Short Plays 2004-2005, Off-Broadway Assoc. Producer of ROOMS); BMI Grad, Monitor Award-Winner, and 3-time Manhattan Monologue Slam Winner Carl Kissin (DEPRESSED, DEPRESSED); and American Harmony Prize Winners Robert Rokicki and Michael Ruby (LOVE, NY, RELATIVITY). Performances by talent that includes Jose Restrepo (Sonny in Broadway’s GREASE) and Nicole Grillos (BELLEVUE SKETCHES, CHURCH).

The festival follows the format of independent theater company TheatreRats’ Chester Horn Short Play Festival, a 6-year-old annual short play event that features two series of 6 short plays – enabling audiences to see a wide variety of work encompassing many styles and genres in a single sitting (or two, should theater-goers attend both series). The West Village Musical Theatre Festival will boast new contemporary pop-rock pieces, traditional musical theater, comedies, dramas, even a dance musical.

“At The West Village Musical Theatre Festival, you will see conservatory graduates sharing stage time with Broadway performers, new directors working with regional and Broadway veterans, and established coffee house songwriters composing music alongside accomplished orchestral and movie score composers. We accepted people, not works, into the festival, and that is what makes it so new and exciting,” says Executive Producer and award-winning composer, Patrick Michael Wickham.

Events surrounding the festival include an Opening Gala at The Duplex which will preview performances from the festival (June 4th), a “Tastes of the West Village” networking event to be attended by over one hundred NYC-based theatre professionals (June 7th), and a Closing Gala and Awards Ceremony with awards for the best in each series (June 13th).

Proceeds of The West Village Musical Theatre Festival will go to benefit the William Haralson Scholarship Foundation, an annual scholarship competition sponsored by PCC Productions which awards over $20,000 in generous stipends to talented singers, allowing them to pursue the training they need to take their craft to the next level.

The West Village Musical Theatre Festival (AEA Showcase) runs June 10-13th at the Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher Street. Tickets ($18 per series) will be available beginning May 12th at Brown Paper Tickets Visit for more details and performance schedule. Details on featured musicals can be found below.

Polly, want a Mortgage?
Book by Michael Ruby
Music and Lyrics by Robert Rokicki
Directed by Dev Bondarin
The pop-rock, mad-cap, heartfelt story of an unsuspecting waitress whose house and beloved parrot are foreclosed on by an unsympathetic mega-bank – penned by the American Harmony Prize winning writers of LOVE, NY and RELATIVITY, Robert Rokicki and Michael Ruby.

Queen of Hearts
Book and Lyrics by Lindsey Joelle
Music by Doug Silver
Directed by Celine Rosenthal
“Gossip Girl meets Macbeth” – This rock musical follows a marginalized girl who would do anything to be popular, and several of her classmates who are all trying to figure out how to survive the social battleground of high school. Trapped in social oblivion at an East Coast prep school, one geek in love finds the courage to be a hero.

Between the Bricks
Book by Anthony Giorgio and Cecilia Ceresa
Lyrics by Anthony Giorgio
Music by Davey Patterson
Directed by Cecilia Ceresa
We know what happened before Dorothy lands in Oz, when she lands in Oz, but what happens when she leaves? Does the glitz and glamour float away in a hot air balloon, or can the relationships between these broken Oz people hold on to the magic that was always present?

I Don <3 U NE More
Book and lyrics by Daren Taylor
Music by Frank Grullon
Directed by Teddy Nicholas
Ronald Thomas saw the birth and boom of modern technology. Hey, everyone born in the 80s did. But Ron never bought into it and now, he finds himself on the outside looking in. He wants what we all want: a true connection. But can we truly connect when we’ve gotten so far away from human interaction because of our need to constantly be… connected?

The Count of Monte Cristo
Book, music and lyrics by James Behr
Directed by Bill Fabris
The time is 1815, the Age of Napoleon. Captain Edmond Dantes has a promising future and a woman he loves. But three cruel men will change his life, transforming Dantes from a kind, naive young man, to tragic victim, to a dynamic justice seeking hero.

Book and music by Patrick Michael Wickham
Choreography and Staging by Katrina Ylimaki
This ballet is the opening number to a musical adaptation of a famous novel. It tells the story of our protagonist’s first true love, the beautiful Annabel, and their awkward teenage romance, summer-long courtship in France, and the tragedy that “froze something in his soul.”

Galileo the Musical
Book by Marisol Rivera
Lyrics by Cheryl Krebs
Music by James Behr
Directed by Stephen Wisker
In the Congressional hearing room of interrogating Conservative Senators, NASA Administrator, General John Holden imagines himself being transported into a giant telescope, as he is transformed into Galileo of Galilee. He embarks on a soulful journey of the past to the life of Galileo in his quest to save the environment and preserve intellectual freedom.

I’ll Do It Tomorrow
Book and Lyrics by Michael Roderick
Music by David Mallamud
Directed by Jenn Womack
What if you found out today that you only had five days left to live? What would you do tomorrow? Kenneth is a terrible procrastinator who spends all of his days putting off the important things. One evening an angel arrives explaining to him how displeased God is with his decisions and tells him that for the next week, he will age ten years every day until he dies. The only way for Kenneth to reverse the process is to find the people he has wronged and make peace before his end.

Date of a Lifetime
Book and lyrics by Carl Kissin
Music by Robert Baumgartner Jr.
Directed by Laura Brandel
A man at a speed-dating event introduces himself to a potential mate. In the course of just a few minutes, he hypothesizes what their life together might be like from present day all the way to her death.

Abnormal Psychology
Book and lyrics by Chris Fitz
Music by David Ogrin
Directed by Gillian Riley
In a room with three doors and a piano, two men, one with visual agnosia and one with anterograde and retrograde amnesia, are stuck together. As they discuss their lives and afflictions a beautiful and strange young girl arrives on the scene claiming she has the ability to cure them.

Rat Poison Love
Book and Lyrics by Melanie Weinstein
Music and Lyrics by Sarah Ellis
Directed by Stanley Ralph
Based on a True Story: In this high energy, rock and roll dark comedy, a man is unconsciously trying to kill his wife and daughter. As the murder attempts escalate, their teen daughter is forced to take action and stop the madness- can she cut through her parents’ thick cloud of denial and save her family?

Book by Celine Rosenthal
Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Greenstein
Directed by Celine Rosenthal

The worst first date ever unexpectedly turns to true love. Ally – prim, proper, and very type A – has finally decided to put herself out there on the dating scene. She allows herself to be set up on a blind date with Mark and instead of her highly anticipated evening of romance, Ally finds herself LARP-ing (live action role play i.e. Dungeons and Dragons) with Mark’s friends.

PCC PRODUCTIONS was founded in 1998 by renowned voice physiologist and composer Patrick Michael Wickham, PCC Productions is a production company affiliated with Performers Career Center, and its mission is to build emerging professional’s careers in theatre from the ground up. Off Broadway credits include Bellevue Sketches, June 2009 at the Players Theatre, and more recently, the monthly series of Emerging Professionals Showcases, featuring NYC’s most promising vocal talent of all levels. PCC is presenting the debut of the West Village Musical Theatre Festival in June 2010, and also oversees the William Haralson Scholarship Competition.

THEATRERATS is a non-profit organization striving to produce the highest quality theatre utilizing the best resources available. We nurture existing artistic collaboration while fostering new talent and encouraging the various artistic disciplines of theatre. We achieve this by actively seeking out new works with the Chester Horn Short Play Festival as well as reinventing the classics (Pre-WWI). We believe that theatre is prescient, immediate, and a transformative power in our society, and exist to uphold this ideal by valuing respect, equity, community, and fun. For more information visit