PR Guru Tells Indie Theaters: When the RSC Arrives, Make the Bard Your Bitch


Veteran theater publicist (and noted beauty blogger) Karen Greco has launched a do-it-yourself website called PR for Smarties and we already like it. Traditionalists may have a fit over the idea of a PR professional giving away state secrets, but then, are there really secrets anymore? There is no reason I can think of for artists in all disciplines, and folks who aren’t even working in the arts, to glean some wisdom.

The first post on the site considers the upset that erupted when Charles Isherwood, second-string critic of the New York Times, wrote rapturously, even deliriously, of the upcoming six-week residency of the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Park Avenue Armory. As noted on the CFR and elsewhere in the Twittersphere, various Off-Off-Broadway companies had a colossal and fully justified fit over Isherwood’s piece, as it represented a monstrous bitch-slap in their face.

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So what to do? Bitch-slap the RSC.

Here’s PR for Smarties:

I would love to see a young company take action and present the exact same Shakespeare play at the exact same time. Throw down the gauntlet and be the scrappy underdog. And take it even further, let’s inject a little Bronx Bomber pride into this. The Brits may do “proper” Shakespeare, but the scrappy New York companies do it kick ass.

Maybe show up at the RSC’s turf and stage a brilliantly bloody fight in front of the Armory. This has to be some seriously Vampire Cowboys-style brutal choreography. And do it again. And again. And again. Be in front of the Armory for days at a time, several hours a day. Hand out postcards and fliers to the circle of audience that surrounds. Hell, pass the hat and make a buck.

Added bonus? It would make a hell of a photo op.

What say y’all?