For AOL Movies: Hollywood’s 10 Most Powerful African Americans, Kidman and ‘Prom’


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The 10 Most Powerful African Americans in Hollywood
Unlike Forbes’ annual lists of the richest in Hollywood royalty, determining who possesses the most power is very much a subjective task. So much depends on perception: If you think someone has power, they probably do, regardless of whether their last film was a box-office hit or a bomb. In fact, power in Hollywood is as much about how people choose to wield it as it is about how they managed…

Nicole Kidman Will ‘Just Go For It’ in New Adam Sandler Comedy
Nicole Kidman is going for it — literally. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kidman will appear in the Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy ‘Just Go for It,’ co-written by Sandler, Allan Loeb, Tim Dowling and Tim Herlihy. Filming will reportedly begin next month in Los Angeles. The size of Kidman’s role is unclear (THR suggested it would only be a cameo), but we do know that the…

Disney Finds a ‘Prom’ Date
With ‘High School Musical’ moving toward a fourth installment and ‘Glee’ one of the hottest shows on TV, the pre-college years are suddenly saturating the zeitgeist. No wonder Disney is aiming to celebrate another timeless rite of teenage passage. Per Variety, ‘Prom’ concerns — well, a high school prom and all the pre-dance prep work and angst-ridden drama that makes it a memorable event. …