5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Political Subversities


Two months ago the CFR was approached by Todd Briscoe, a member of the comedy group Political Subversities, asking to be included among the listings on the site.

Of course, the CFR doesn’t do listings, and, quite frankly, there was a feeling about the request that struck me like a bell:

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Who, precisely, does use listings to determine their cultural menu these days?

Meantime, the more I learned about the troupe — and let’s be honest: if there aren’t 400,000 comedy groups in Gotham, there isn’t one — the more I felt the sensibility of Political Subversities would dovetail beautifully with the idea of the CFR as “the nexus of arts and politics.” They call it a “cabaret” style of performance, but what it is is cynical humor turned on its head; their take on politics derives its energy from our national exhaustion with seemingly insurmountable issues.

The fact that Political Subversities is billed as “the brainchild” of composer Elizabeth Swados also intrigued. Not at all to lessen the importance of impact of her later works, but the insouciant sendups she collaborated on in the early ’80s — the musical version of Doonesbury, which ran on Broadway; and Rap Master Ronnie, both written with Garry Trudeau — are lasting memories for me, and here she is passing the satirical baton to a new generation.

So the thought was, how do we profile Political Subversities to play to their strengths?

Answer: a video version of 5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked:

I urge you to check out the video, and then go book yourself a ticket. And be thankful that you don’t have cancer.

Political Subversities runs Feb. 12, 19 and 26, and March 5 at the People’s Improv Theater (154 W. 29th St., 2nd Fl.). Call 212-563-7488 for tickets, or visit www.thepit-nyc.com.

And now, 5 questions Political Subversities has never been asked — and a bonus question: