Stage Director Launches Auction to Tattoo Himself for Production Cash


More news from the American theater’s version of “poor theater” director Jerzy Grotowski:

Christopher Carter Sanderson, founding artistic and producing director of Gorilla Repertory Theatre, has announced that he will produce and direct all of Shakespeare’s acknowledged plays during 2012.

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This is in addition to his announcement, covered previously on the Clyde Fitch Report, that he’ll bring Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell to Broadway.

How will he pay for this abundance of the Bard? Well, Sanderson is offering an eBay auction to tattoo his arm in exchange for a donation of $5,000,000.

The auction details read as follows:

For a donation of 5 million dollars US confirmed in the bank account of Gorilla Repertory Theater Company, Inc. (, a registered US and NYC charity, I will give you the right to have my left forearm tattooed by a professional tattoo artist of my choice with whatever you want it to say, subject to my prior approval.

If you can’t think of anything you’d like written there, I would suggest your name and “thank you” in Latin between wreathes of laurels ringing my wrist and lower elbow. Or, how about “Team CoCo 4 Ever!” and a portrait of Conan O’B to generate support for the poor lad? Your favorite sports team (I hate the Red Sox, so you could tattoo “Go Redsox!” all over my forearm)…

NO hate slogans or hate symbols, do not even ask.

I am a Caucasian male, 44 years of age, there are no tattoos on my left forearm, but two medium-sized ones on my right forearm and right shoulder. I have written a book about the aesthetic of my theater company (“Gorilla Theatre” Routledge 2003) and have been its founding artistic and producing director for eighteen years. In my theater company’s 20th year, I will attempt a Guinness World Record by directing persaonlly all 41 of Shakespeare’s plays in one year. Your donation will help support that, and I’ll wear short sleeves in all press photos prominently displaying the tattoo you have chosen to have put on my left forearm.

Might this address what New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood decries as a paucity of Shakespeare in Gotham?