NYSCA Funding Headed Back to 1985 Level?


Norma Munn, chairperson of the New York City Arts Coalition, has released another alert to the arts community regarding proposed cuts in funding for the New York State Council on the Arts.

If Gov. Paterson’s proposed cuts are enacted, Munn says, NYSCA appropriations will return to a level not seen in 25 years. Not good when NYSCA itself is coming up on its 50th anniversary in 2011.

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Munn included a chart which we have endeavored to represent here.

“This is truly a ‘back to the future’ budget…,” Munn wrote.

“Please try to see your elected officials in their district office. They will have much more time to focus on what you are saying, and many of them are more responsive locally.”

Below are the specifics:

1961 through proposed 2011 fiscal year

“Local Assistance” = grant money
“State Operations” = staff and administration

Local Assistance/State Operations

1961: $0/$50K
1962: $450K/$400K
1970: $710K/$1.7M
1980: $31.0M/$2.3M
1985: $35.3M/$3.8M

1990: $54.3M/$4.9M
1993: $23.3M/$4.3M
1995: $31.9M/$4.3M
2000: $45.2M/$5.0M
2001: $48.4M/$4.9M
2002: $44.0M/$5.5M
2003: $44.0M/$5.5M
2005: $37.4M/$5.3M
2008: $49.5M/$6.1M

2009: $48.7M/$6.1M
FY09 cuts: $2.6M in Aug, $7.2M in Feb; Final FY 09 $38.9M

2010 $42.7M $5.5M
Included special federal money of $2.8M; Final FY10 is either $42.3 or $41.7.

Based on proposed FY11, it would appear to be $41.7.
2011 Proposed: $35.2M $4.8M