A Postcard to Never Never Land


By Stefanie Schappert
Special to the Clyde Fitch Report

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A close friend recently asked me: “Do liberals really believe they are safe under Obama’s watch? Do they even care?” “It’s not that they don’t believe or care about being safe,” I explained. “It’s just that most liberals, led by the Obama Administration, don’t really seem to understand the true threat of terrorism.”

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My point is proven once again by how Obama and his security heads have handled the near-catastrophic Christmas Day terror attack on Northwest Flight 253. To start with, the Obama camp waited more than three hours to tell the president about the failed attack. Why? They didn’t want to interrupt the vacationing president from his jam-packed holiday schedule of golf and Christmas caroling. In fact, Obama was so busy that he waited three days before even addressing the nation. When he finally does speak, looking oh-so-relaxed in his casual sport jacket, he ignorantly pussyfoots around the facts, claiming the attack was perpetrated by an isolated nutcase. He then has to spend the next week (still in Hawaii, by the way) toe-tapping around his original statements, and finally by the fifth national address he begrudgingly admitted we are in a war on terror.

Let’s move on to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and her famous “the system worked” line. Yeah, the system worked if you think the hero in seat 20J was on our payroll. And then, just days later, Napolitano tells reporters that she and other top brass were “surprised the bomber could manage to carry out an attack all by himself.” Hello? Even a fifth-grader understands the concept that al Qaeda trains individual suicide bombers to carry out terror attacks. And let’s not forget her sidekick, Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan, who appeared on the Sunday shows a week later shoddily trying to explain why the administration has been continuously backtracking into last year.

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And maybe the most appalling was when the director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, Michael Leiter, was urged by the White House to go skiing through the New Year with his family, leaving his post the next day as planned. I can only imagine the conversation:

“Go ahead Mikey, we got it,” Napolitano says. “Rumor has it the guy is just a lone crazy. It’s not as if there could be multiple bombers.”

“Good point Janet,” Brennan chimes in. “I mean, there’s no way the terrorists could plan something advanced as that.”

“Wait!” says Leiter. “What about 9/11?”

“Snap! Oh yeah, I forgot about that,” exclaims Napolitano. “Well, it’s too late now anyway. Eric Holder declared him a common criminal and he’s lawyered up. There probably won’t be any new info for us to piece together anyway, right? Say hi to the kids for me!”

It’s frightening to think our own administration is unable to comprehend the basic principle of Jihadism, no matter where its found: Death to America. I mean, they’ve certainly been shouting it enough over the past, um, 30 years. Since Obama has taken office, our government has proven time and time again it is unable and sometimes even unwilling to connect the dots that are required to keep America safe from these relentless extremists.

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Oh yeah, on the threat of homegrown terrorists, in August, the Obama gang puts out a controversial memo focusing the threat of homeland terrorism on our own Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. In fact, the clueless Napolitano stated that “the biggest threat to the U.S. homeland was our soldiers coming back from war.” Five weeks later, a radical Muslim army psychiatrist, who unbelievably somehow slipped his way through the U.S. military system, brutally massacred 13 soldiers at the Ft Hood, Texas, army base in the name of Allah. It took Obama again nearly a week to even admit the guy was a radical extremist with a history and known ties to al Qaeda. The first excuse put forth by the in-denial left was that the “alleged” jihadist was suffering from an unknown form of PTSD caused by the stress of hearing war stories from returning soldiers. As the wife of a soldier with multiple combat tours, that is BS. The guy had never even been on a deployment. He was a Jihadist murderer, plain and simple.

Compare all this with the administration’s unwavering focus on closing Guantanamo and repeatedly granting citizenship rights to people who are enemy combatants. There is no comparison. It’s quite clear Obama’s desire to appease the world stage is more important than doing whatever he can to make it harder for terrorists to take advantage of our freedoms and then laugh at our stupidity as they plan their next attack. In the most recent — and scathing — report out of Washington, more than half of Gitmo detainees are from Yemen, the new Defense Department’s declared hotbed for al Qaeda activity. Pentagon officials also say that roughly one in five detainees have returned to terrorism since being released. Obama has just streamlined the process.

The Obama Administration also claims our agents need to focus on timely intelligence. So how could they let the 18-year-old, Nigerian-born Christmas bomber lawyer-up before the FBI could interrogate him, even as this al Qaeda-trained terrorist was apparently singing like a bird? The answer: They would prefer to wait years until the criminal trial actually begins and plea-bargain for information that will be so old it won’t matter.

And lastly, let’s not forget our demoralized CIA. Told only months ago by Attorney General Eric Holder that they will be tried for following the rules as set forth by their commander in chief at the time. You can hate Bush and be against waterboarding all you want, but if you think any CIA officer will go that extra mile to get good intelligence now that he has to worry about being prosecuted for doing his job, you are sadly mistaken.

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We have already had three terror attacks on U.S. soil since Obama became president just a year ago, major domestic attacks since 2001 under Bush — zero. It’s not an accident: a recent Rasmussen poll shows [[79% of U.S. voters now think it’s likely we’ll have another terror attack on U.S. soil this year — a 30-point jump from only four months ago. The conservative philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” The biggest mistake the American people have made is electing a president who is not only naive and inexperienced, but loathe to become the decisive leader of the free world.

So…wake up, liberals, and shake off that fairy dust! The terrorists won’t stop trying to kill us because you are nice to them. They won’t stop trying to kill us because you say you’re willing to negotiate, give them money, stay out of their business, try to be their friends, leave their country, withdraw from another country or even bow to their leaders. And they most certainly won’t stop trying to kill us as our far-left president continuously apologizes for being the greatest country in the world. They will never stop trying to kill Americans. Unless, that is, you kill or capture them first.

Stefanie Schappert is a freelance journalist based in New York. Credits include NY1 News, Fox News Channel, and Vaccinated TV. She has worn many hats inside the newsroom: producing, writing and editing. She also has been out in the field covering stories behind the camera as well as producing and reporting. Schappert’s conservative viewpoint came into sharp focus following the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the resulting political climate. While working on the acclaimed NY1 documentary 9/11: A Day In Time, Schappert quickly embraced her role as the wife of a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) deployed to the Middle East. This former NFL Cheerleader and classically trained dancer is known to hang out with quite a liberal crowd and has been the buzzkill during many a dinner party. Lipstick Conservative does not necessarily represent the views of The Clyde Fitch Report.

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