The 10 Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America


bca10_2009Arketype, an advertising and design firm based in Green Bay, Wisc., will receive one of the BCA TEN awards at a Nov. 19 gala at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

BCA stands for Business Committee for the Arts, a division of Americans for the Arts that each year honors 10 companies whose policies and actions have been most beneficial and friendly toward the arts. The BCA TEN have been named every year since 2005.

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In addition to Arketype, the following corporations will also be honored on Nov. 19:

  • Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA
  • Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
  • Brainforest Inc., Chicago, IL
  • Dollar Bank, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC
  • Hanesbrands Inc., Winston-Salem, NC
  • Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company, Philadelphia, PA
  • UMB Financial Corporation, Kansas City, MO
  • Williams & Fudge Inc., Rock Hill, SC

In a statement, J. Barry Griswell, chairman of the BCA executive board, said, “These businesses are being recognized for their exceptional involvement in the arts throughout the workplace and in their communities. They provide the arts with significant financial and in-kind support, and they incorporate meaningful arts-related programs into lives of millions of Americans. This year’s extraordinary honorees are corporate leaders who are developing and sustaining arts and arts education programming in towns of all sizes across the country.”

All the corporations on the list will release statements soon, but Arketype’s seemed sincere and endearing:

“The arts and creative thinking have been fundamental to our business and to our mission since our beginnings in 1992. Arketype continues to put its wholehearted support behind the arts because of its tremendous power to educate, enlighten and build a powerhouse culture that creates a successful community.”

Per the press materials, Arketype delivers “high-concept design, custom animation, and video” and “partners with a variety of likeminded clients, big and small, and transforms market insights into compelling, stimulating, and even disruptive communication that gets its brand partners noticed. The firm is the leading catalyst behind ‘Better by the Bay,’ an economic branding initiative for the greater Green Bay community.” To learn more, click here.

The BCA was founded in 1967 by David Rockefeller to bring business and the arts together. The group’s mission is to ensure that the arts flourish in America by encouraging, inspiring and stimulating business to support the arts in the workplace, in education and in the community. Americans for the Arts is the leading nonprofit organization for advancing arts in America.