New Interview: Two on the Aisle with Charles Gross, Bye Bye Birdie Review


bye-bye-birdieTheater critic Charles Gross generously invited me to be a guest critic on his long-running TV program, Two on the Aisle.

On a personal level and on a professional level, I had a great time. Charles runs a very professional production situation (meaning intimate and let’s do it!), and he is also charming, frank, knowledge and extremely personable. We chatted about the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie — after being kind enough to let me plug my Strategy Room gig on Fox, of all things — and I do hope you enjoy watching the clip, below.

Do yourselves a favor, too, and please bookmark Charles’ channel on YouTube. His segments (I’ve been catching up) are easygoing, real and all about a passion for Broadway as well as the wider theater world. We need a little Christmas, right this very minute, as Jerry Herman once wrote. This stuff, by that standard, is simply year-round cheer.