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Worst Reality TV Shows Ever

There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of reality TV shows since the genre gathered steam at the start of this decade. There are the big and enduring ones — ‘Survivor,’ ‘Big Brother,’ etc. — but many were just hot messes (thanks, Britney Spears, Bobby Brown, Flavor Flav and various other fame-seeking tools!). Here are our picks for the 10 all-time worst, most ill-advised, absolutely, incredulously, jaw-droppingly awful forays into reality television. What are yours?

10. ‘Growing Up Gotti’ (A&E, 2004-05)
A&E’s look at the life of Victoria Gotti — daughter of late mafioso John Gotti — was a really guilty pleasure. Remember her over-the-top mansion, making Gianni Versace’s rococo estate in Miami Beach look like a minimalism orgy? Or Gotti’s sons, Carmine, John and Frank, all coiffed to the nines and putting the ‘do back in Guido? Yet families are families: Even the Gotti sons, for all their mousse-y dysfunction, showed a real love for their mother, offering a respite from the inanity of the plotlines … and those nails-on-a-blackboard Long Island accents.

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