New Articles: “Scream 4,” “Scream 5,” “30 Rock” at Zero



These are my latest posts for AOL at Inside TV and Inside Movies. Please feel free to click over and read these posts in their entirety.

The first post is “Scream 4′ AND ‘Scream 5’ on the Way, Says Kevin Williamson:

Revealing previously undisclosed details for ‘Scream’ fans — there will, at last, be a ‘Scream 4’ and then a ‘Scream 5’ — writer Kevin Williamson might as well have compared himself to a slightly maniacal tightrope walker. That is, a tightrope walker who’d grab hold of the balance bar and suddenly wield it as a weapon, furiously gashing unsuspecting spectators while making so many semi-obscure movie references that you’d need an encyclopedia to actually follow them all.

The second post is: Blurg! ’30 Rock’ Scores Zero Rating in German Debut:

The German word is null. That’s right, meine kinder, ’30 Rock’ — a critically acclaimed series here in the U.S., what with 38 Emmy nominations and three wins for Outstanding Comedy Series — earned a big fat zero in the ratings last weekend when the show made its debut on German TV.