New Articles: Galifianakis as Egghead; ‘Broncos’ Bust; ‘Crazy Heart’ Attack



These are my latest posts for AOL at Inside TV and Inside Movies. Please feel free to click over and read these posts in their entirety.

The first post is: Zach Galifianakis Falls for Humpty Dumpty Role in ‘Puss in Boots’:

So, where are all the king’s horses and all the king’s men? Per the Hollywood Reporter, Zach Galifianakis — the decidedly offbeat, wonkish stand-up comic who popped out of the underground scene this year with his role in ‘The Hangover’ — may furnish the dulcet tones of Humpty Dumpty in ‘Puss in Boots,’ an upcoming ‘Shrek’ prequel lensing soon toward a 2011 theatrical bow.

The second post is: ‘Gentlemen Broncos’ Wide Release Canceled:

Amid unforgiving reviews and paltry box office returns, Fox Searchlight has called off the wider release of ‘Gentleman Broncos.’

The third post is Fox Searchlight Makes Last-Ditch Effort at Oscars With ‘Crazy Heart’:

Having spent much of 2009 turning its searchlight toward the ocean of filmdom and seeing little more than inky blackness, Fox Searchlight is suddenly going all in, advancing ‘Crazy Heart’ to a limited December release — just in the nick of time for serious consideration by Uncle Oscar.