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The first post is: Best War Series and Miniseries: TV’s Greatest Depictions of Battlefield Drama:

Much as we may detest war, it remains a part of American life. And TV, from its earliest days, has been right on top of dramatizing it, satirizing it, explaining it, railing about it, even celebrating it — or at least celebrating the brave men and women who proudly wear the uniform. To honor those who have served our country this Veterans Day, here are 13 of the greatest war-themed TV shows of all time. What are yours?

The second post is: Robin Roberts Lands ABC Primetime Specials:

With Diane Sawyer preparing to go head to head against Katie Couric on the evening news, and with the legendary Barbara Walters, at 80, still competitive but starting to slow down, ABC has to start grooming more women for its news franchises. No one seems to be in a better position to take advantage of this than the respected, if not redoubtable, Robin Roberts.

The third post is: Denzel Washington Returning to Broadway in ‘Fences’ Revival:

Five years after his last appearance on Broadway — in a revival of William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ that some critics drubbed — Denzel Washington will return to the boards next spring in a revival of ‘Fences,’ the powerful August Wilson family play that won a passel of honors, including the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The fourth post is: Rachel McAdams Purr-fectly Cast as Black Cat in ‘Spider-Man 4’?

Let’s just caterwaul it out with a grin: Mee-oow! Rumor has it — and is now reporting — that Rachel McAdams could be cast in the role of the sexy Black Cat in ‘Spider-Man 4.’ There’s no confirmation yet from director Sam Raimi, but it’s widely known that McAdams took a meeting with the producers of the flick, and would be colossal catnip for audiences if clad in a costume fit for a fetching feline.

The fifth post is: Jake Gyllenhaal: Why Hollywood’s Hardest-Working Guy Deserves an Oscar

No young actor in Hollywood is putting together a more eclectic resume than Jake Gyllenhaal these days. With the news (per Variety and the Hollywood Reporter) that he’s negotiating to star in ‘Source Code,’ a sci-fi thriller to be directed by ‘Moon’ helmer (and David Bowie spawn) Duncan Jones, Gyllenhaal is poised to add science fiction to an already beefy arsenal of roles that spans almost every genre imaginable.