Dear Michael Bloomberg


Bloomberg IIDear Michael Bloomberg,

I’m glad you didn’t win by a landslide, you smug, overconfident, smug, overbearing, smug son of a bitch.

Maybe now you, and other politicians, won’t so blithely and so disingenuously subvert the democratic will of the people, wresting away from them the ability to decide for themselves whether there should be term limits.

I opposed term limits in the first place, but the electorate spoke twice and you, with you lackey, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, took democracy away from them. Shame on you for that. It is a blemish on your record and you will never live it down.

Maybe now, too, you’ll think twice before you worship at the shrine of unending development.

Maybe now you’ll not treat New York City solely as a business. It’s a city.

But then, I dream.

Oh, and would you keep your promise to reduce homelessness? The $245 million you’ve spent on three campaigns could have done a lot of good toward that.

Congratulations on winning a third term. Maybe now you’ve learned some humility.

But then, I dream.