New Articles: Odin, “MIB,” JJ and “Glee”



These are my latest posts for AOL at Inside TV and Inside Movies. Please feel free to click over and read these posts in their entirety.

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The first post is on the latest casting of Sir Anthony Hopkins:

The Norse god of thunder, Thor, may be thunderous — but is he any kind of match for his father?

Oscar-winner Sir Anthony Hopkins has signed to play patriarch Odin, father of Thor and hard-line ruler of the mythical Asgard, in the upcoming Kenneth Branagh-directed feature ‘Thor.’

The second post is the mystery around “Men in Black 3”:

Now that Columbia Pictures has green-lit ‘Men in Black 3’ — the first new installment in the sci-fi comedy franchise since 2002 — the question is whether Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be lured into a reprise of their roles as Agents J and K.

The third post is what J.J. Abrams isn’t planning to do:

If it’s a spousal role, apparently January Jones knows how to say “I do.” The actress, who plays wife and mom on TV’s ‘Mad Men’ and plays yet another wife in the soon-to-open film ‘Pirate Radio,’ has signed on to two new films — both thrillers, both playing wives.

The fourth post is a little factoid about “Glee”:

It goes on and on and on and on: The buoyant, jubilant cover of Journey’s ’80s hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ performed by the cast of Fox’s monster-hit-in-training ‘Glee,’ is now certified gold, topping more than 500,000 downloads.