Leonard Jacobs on FoxNews.com “Obama Change Index,” Week Ending Oct. 11


FoxNews LogoI’m continuing to participate in a weekly written analysis of President Obama’s performance called the Obama Change Index.

I weigh in on four areas of discussion: Law and Justice, Dealing with Congress, Social Issues and Foreign/Military Affairs. A Democrat, a Republican and an Independent participate, grading the President numerically. These numbers are averaged — thus, the “index.”

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It’s not scientific, but interesting.

For the period ended Oct. 11, click on the link to see what I wrote. Or read the text below:

Speaking at a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, President Obama reiterated support for ending the abusive, counterproductive “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Alas, the gay community, which held a massive D.C. march over the weekend, is patience-challenged; they feel Obama has had enough time to put pro-gay words into pro-gay action. Bottom line: Change is still coming. But it had better arrive sooner than later.

Dear Senator Snowe,

The last time I wrote to you about healthcare, I wrote, “Thanks for not much.” Now I will write to you and say, “Thanks for sending signals to us last week that you might do better for the American people. Clearly, Senator, we agree there’s been enough death and dying through inaction and neglect when it comes to our carnage-creating healthcare system. I know we’ll continue to agree and disagree in the days ahead. But I appreciate you doing the right thing, not the right wing.”


President Obama wants world peace. The Nobel folks apparently used a phenomenal computer system that tells the future and concluded he’s going to get just that. Call it premature e-jubilation, but bestowing the Nobel Peace Prize onto Obama is still a bit much. Obama is right to accept the award on behalf of hope. He’s even more right to accept the award without spinning it to political advantage.

The President continues agonizing on Afghanistan, widening his discussions and floating ideas. With American blood and treasure on the line, this also remains-for now-very much the right approach. Still, General McChrystal is one pushy SOB; Obama should tell him to stop campaigning for more troops like a politician and participate in the decision-making process like a soldier. McChrystal’s operating style is MacArthur-lite, and we all know what happened to him.