Leonard Jacobs on Fox News — on the ‘Desecration’ of the Flag


DesecratedFlagThe subject of this video, below from two clips on YouTube, is rather a nonissue, in my opinion.

What this contratemps really signifies is the latest attempt by the radical right to turn up the heat on our cold, but raging, civil war.

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I place more faith in the First Amendment than the Republicans do. They believe in freedom, yes — as they define it, as they apply it, as they distort and selectively propagandize it.

That, however, isn’t freedom. Freedom is the ability to define for one’s self what freedom is. To excoriate an individual’s right to exercise free expression is, in the end, to fetishize and to rhapsodize tyranny. Do all Republicans thirst for tyranny? No. But the radicals do.

If the nation only knew how many moderate Republicans actually find this kind of debate tasteless, baseless, cowardly and tortured. Not because demogogues like Glenn Beck, on TV, replaced the stars of the flag with the logos of major corporations. Where was the right-wing fury about that?

If the nation only knew how many moderate Republicans are victimized by the radical right’s view of free speech if it does not carry water for their aims.

Ideological purity of any kind is a signal of a sick society. Democrats, for all their fractiousness, are at least fractious. Republicans are frightening.