Everett Quinton Joins Cast of ‘Macbeth’ Film; Kickstarter Fundraising Ongoing


The Clyde Fitch Report is pleased to be lead online media sponsor of Macbeth in Close-Up, the first film produced by the Gorilla Repertory Theatre Company, directed by founding artistic director, Christopher Carter Sanderson. Macbeth in Close-Up has been accepted by the innovative website Kickstarter.com to receive funding. Donate as little as $10 or as much as $5,000 and receive unique premiums (outlined on Kickstarter) for your participation.

EverettQuintonThe legendary Everett Quinton has been cast in the role of Hecate, chief witch and goddess of witchcraft.

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Quinton was most recently seen in the musical Devil Boys From Beyond in the New York International Fringe Festival, receiving an avalanche of rapturous reviews.

Through Oct. 21, the CF Report will pose Sanderson a question about Macbeth in Close-Up and Sanderson will provide both a text and video reply.

Today’s question:

In addition to the unique casting of Everett Quinton as Hecate in Gorilla Rep’s Macbeth in Close-Up, will the three witches also be played by male actors? Are there other drag roles in Macbeth in Close-Up? What goes into your decision besides notions of quality and intensity in performance?
Underlining the inherently scary aspects of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by building a visual world entirely in close-up is a natural extension of the work we’ve done in the parks over the years.

Video reply:

What’s best and brightest about Gorilla Rep’s work is neither the volume nor the physical intensity of the acting, although these are great things and wonderful trademarks of the work. No, it’s the explosive combination of physical proximity to truly intense acting work that sets these experiences apart for our audiences. Our audiences crave it, and that’s what drives them to leap from scene to scene as we instantly move from place to place.

Sitting in the subway or at home on a comfortable chair or anywhere, audience members can be suddenly rocketed into that Gorilla Rep intensity and drive through the unique medium of the fully close-up Macbeth. Any seat in the whole world can be a front-row seat as the essential immediacy of Gorilla Rep’s aesthetic is transmitted on film.

This puts a huge premium on the talent we’re using for this film! “There are no small parts when everything is in close-up; casting Everett Quinton as Hecate is a great example of what it takes to make this work.” He’s amazing!