Bugliosi to Prosecute Bush for Murder? Seems…After the Fact


BugliosiHeaven knows I’m no fan of George W. Bush.

Heaven knows it’s an indisputable fact that George W. Bush lied to the nation and that the blood of thousands of my countrymen run through his fingers like water.

For eight years he lived in the White House, committing who knows what in the name of his conservative jihad.

But does the nation, in this enduring moment of economic uncertitude and military exhaustion and still, somehow, that lingering fear that another 9/11 attack is inevitable, is right around the corner, have the fortitude, will, and, most important, legal ability to prosecute George W. Bush?

And what will we gain if we do?

Bugliosi, who prosecuted Charles Manson, laid out his case in his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Now the book has been made into a documentary. Watch the clip.

Honestly, I’m moved but unconvinced. It seems…after the fact. Or is it?