The Dark Lady Players Featured On the Jewish Channel


AmeliaBassanoLanierJohn Hudson, who pens the Heretic’s Foundation for the Clyde Fitch Report, was the focus of a feature story on the Jewish Channel that included a look at his theater company, the Dark Lady Players, which recently offered several performances at Manhattan Theatre Source.

Hudson believes — and aims to prove through both scholarship and performance — that a Marrano Jewess, Amelia Bassano Lanier, either authored the plays of William Shakepeare, or, at minimum, was one of the Bard’s collaborators.

The Dark Lady Players is an offering additional performances this fall, at the Where Eagles Dare Theatre, of Shakespeare’s Three Marys, which aims to demonstrate that Ophelia, Desdemona and Juliet are, in part, comic satirical allegories of the Virgin Mary. For more information — performances are Wed., Sept. 16, 9pm; Sun., Sept. 20, 2pm and 4pm; and Wed., Sept. 30, 9pm — visit or call 212-868-4444.

Here is the feature: