ART/NY Accepting Apps for JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres


JPMorganChase FundPer an announcement on the website of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, it would seem that with the next round of grants, the JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres will top $1 million in disbursements to modestly sized nonprofit theaters in the Gotham area.

This is an excellent thing for the independent theater community, especially in times as utterly dreary, fiscally, as these.

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Here’s part of what ART/NY has on its site:

The JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres was launched in 1998 to provide general operating support to companies with budgets between $100,000 and $500,000. Companies in this group are often in the midst of rapid growth, but find that growth hampered by the lack of available funding due to being too small for some funders, yet too large for others. The Fund for Small Theatres is vital because, for more than ten years, it has been a steady source of significant income for this group, providing much needed stability in an uncertain funding climate. To date, The JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres has awarded a total of $977,000.

The application for the Fiscal Year 2010 JPMorgan Chase Fund for Small Theatres is available for download. Applications will be due October 13, 2009 by 5pm to the A.R.T./New York office.

Or, to make things easier:


In other grant news, ART/NY’s website indicates the applications for the Nancy Quinn Fund Technical Assistance Program, which provides cash grants of $500 to $2,000 to companies with annual operating budgets under $100,000, will be available on Oct. 13, due Nov. 23.

For more information on that opportunity, click here.