2010 Frigid Festival Now Accepting Applications


Horse Trade

This information is courtesy of Erez Ziv and everyone over at Horse Trade:

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Presented by Horse Trade
Feb. 24 – March 7, 2010
A member of the Canadian Association for Fringe Festivals

Frigid New York 2009 is a theater festival produced by Horse Trade in New York City, Feb. 24 to March 7, 2010. All applications must be submitted online.

The first 15 of all Frigid New York performers — local, national, and international — will be received into the festival on a first come, first served basis. The next 12 Frigid New York performers — local, national, and international — will be selected by lottery. The final three performance slots will be held for companies drawn in the CAFF Touring Lottery.

All applicants to Frigid New York must pay a $35 Application Fee. If you are awarded a performance slot at the Frigid Festival the Performance Fee schedule is as follows:

The Kraine Theater $850
The Red Room $550
UNDER St. Marks $675

The $35 Application Fee will be charged to your credit card when you apply. The Performance Fee will be charged to your credit card only if you are selected to perform in the festival. The minimum participation fee of $550 will be charged upon acceptence into festival, a second charge to adjust for venue assignment will happen once you have been assigned a venue.

Frigid New York is an open, non-juried, uncensored festival. Frigid New York returns 100% of the box office receipts to the performing company.

Only one application can be submitted per individual and two by a company. If an individual/company has been found submitting more than the permited number of applications, all applications submitted by that individual/company will be removed from the application process.


  1. A fully prepared, rights secured, audience ready production, NO MORE THAN 60 minutes long
  2. All Festival materials (i.e. technical, promotional, etc.) ON TIME when requested.
  3. A set ticket price of no more than $16 (rounded to the nearest dollar).
  4. All your travel/food/ production/royalties/union fees/misc. expenses.
  5. Your own specific promotional materials (pictures, reviewer packets, flyers, posters, etc.) for distribution.
  6. Any and all additional technical equipment other than the stationary lighting plot and basic sound equipment we provide (i.e. microphones, strobes, fog machines, keyboards, etc.).
  7. Your show specific promotional and publicity materials (press releases, posters, handbills, on-site promotions and anything else that will help draw attention to your show).


  1. A minimum of 5 performances scheduled in rotation.
  2. Performers are assigned to one of the Horse Trade venues — the Kraine Theater, the Red Room or UNDER St. Marks — outfitted with a stationary lighting plot and basic sound equipment
  3. The Festival provides one technician for your production. The Technician usually operates the lighting board and it is required that every company supply a stage manager and any additional operators (i.e. sound) as needed by their production.
  4. Inclusion on the Festival website and overall event publicity.
  5. And, most importantly, companies receive 100% of their box office receipts.

SHOWS Successful FRIGID New York applicants will be assigned to one of Horse Trade’s venues — the Kraine Theater, the Red Room, or UNDER St. Marks — based on the requested venue, technical needs and availability and will be scheduled for an allotted number (a minimum of five) of 60 minute performance slots.

IMPORTANT DATES for Standard Fringe Venue Applicants

  1. Standard Venue Applications will be accepted from between Labor Day (12:00:01am Mon., Sept. 7th) and Halloween(12pm, Sat., Oct. 31) 2009, Eastern Standard Time.
  2. All participants accepted by first come first serve rules will be notified immediately. Participant credit cards will be charged upon notification.
  3. Participants by lottery and Wait List will be drawn on Oct. 31, 2009 after The Pumpkin Pie Show and a short party.
  4. Last day for participants to withdraw and recieve 50% refund of their Performance Fee is December 14, 2009.