Ready, Aim, Murder: Lou Dobbs Prepares Latest Assault on Immigrants



Not meaning to be reductive, but on immigration, aren’t there really three options?

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  1. Doing nothing, which is insupportable and untenable;
  2. Spending government weapons, personnel and money to round up every illegal alien in America — and while we’re doing that, I suspect, forcibly check the citizenship status of everyone else, be it through executing search warrants or invading people’s homes illegally — and then deporting them, making sure the nation’s borders are then closed, shut, locked up tighter than Sarah Palin’s handle on anything remotely approaching truth;
  3. Or figuring out how to make sure the nation’s borders are closed, shut, locked up tighter than Sarah Palin’s handle on anything remotely approaching the truth while preparing the illegal immigrants already here for some kind of path to citizenship, including taxes and penalties being paid (and enforcement thereof).

Not meaning to be reductive, but it’s difficult to me to see huge variations on these themes.

Well, we know Lou Dobbs would prefer to murder the illegals anyway. Very white of him. Per a press release I received today, he’ll be taking part of the Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio rally in Washington, D.C., Sept. 15 and 16, sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Also known as white-people-like-Lou-Dobbs-hate-people-who-aren’t-white-people-like-Lou-Dobbs. What, I ask you, does one give this man for his birthday? Crisp white sheets — some for the bed, some for his head?

Here’s more of the PR:

(FAIR) announces September 15th and 16th as the dates for its annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio rally in Washington, D.C. In this largest gathering ever of talk radio, 47 hosts, led by Roger Hedgecock of Radio America Networks and Lou Dobbs of United Stations Radio Network, will broadcast live from Capitol Hill. They will discuss several key issues, including the cost and impact of continued illegal immigration on jobs, wages, education, the environment and national security, the loopholes within America’s Affordable Health Care Act of 2009 allowing illegal aliens access to tax-payer funded benefits, and the Obama Administration’s plans for amnesty.

As in previous years at Hold Their Feet to the Fire, talk hosts will interview members of Congress, immigration reform experts, high profile media personalities, and activists. The event also features a press conference on the West Lawn of the Capitol showcasing the attending talk hosts, and a We the People reception honoring those who have made significant contributions towards true immigration reform.

“While expanding benefits for illegal aliens, this administration is simultaneously dismantling immigration enforcement and systematically laying the groundwork for yet another massive amnesty bill,” said Bob Dane, Communications Director of FAIR and Event Manager of Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009. “Powerful special interests are lobbying to stop immigration enforcement, pass mass amnesty legislation, and import more foreign guest workers with no regard to the plight of the American worker or our national security. Radio talk hosts representing millions of Americans will speak on their behalf, and their collective voice is a voice that roars.”

How are fair-minded Democrats and middle-of-the-roaders going to prepare for this?