NYU’s Alicia Hurley Lied About the Provincetown Playhouse. Call 212-998-6859



The structure at left — including the historic and irreplacable Provincetown Playhouse, is now gone forever. Despite New York University’s promise to leave the four walls of the theater alone, it seems their maniacal and idiotic construction crews have done precisely what they said they wouldn’t do.

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This is why people hate NYU. This is why alumni should never, ever, ever give money. This is why a woman named Alicia Hurley is a big, stinking, insolent, disgusting liar.

Read this:


and read this:


Hurley says her office takes “full responsibility.” This is the same obnoxious cow who turned her back on anyone who spoke at community board meetings decrying the university’s demolition of the surrounding structure. I know that is so because I was there. She did it to me, personally, and I had to walk over to her, with the microphone in my hand, in order to publicly shame her. Alicia Hurley is a liar. Her email address is alicia.hurley@nyu.edu; she is “vice president for government and community engagement.”

Email her and tell her exactly what you think of her. Better still, call her at 212-998-6859.

And goodbye to the Provincetown Playhouse.