Leonard Jacobs of the CFR on Fox’s “Obama Change Index,” Week Ending Aug. 9


FoxNews LogoFor the last several months, I’ve been participating in a weekly written analysis of President Obama’s performance called the Obama Change Index.

Typically, I weigh in on four areas of discussion: Law and Justice, Dealing with Congress, Social Issues and Foreign/Military Affairs. A Democrat, a Republican and an Independent participate, grading the President numerically. These numbers are averaged — thus, the “index.”

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It’s not scientific, but it is pretty interesting.

For the week ended August 12, you can click on the link above to see what I wrote. Here’s a taste:

Law and Justice: 75
Obama may be wary of challenging Second Amendment fanatics right now, what with the GOP fringe inciting citizens to fisticuffs at healthcare townhalls in a brazen display of brownshirt-style tactics. Yet if Obama is going to leave gun control off the table, he’d be wise to remind the right that it isn’t town-hall dissent that’s bad-that’s constitutionally protected. Rather, it’s the real possibility of gun violence. One bullet shot at a senator or representative-don’t think it couldn’t happen-and we’re talking capital crimes. The President is too muted-he needs to amp it up before something horrid occurs.

Dealing With Congress: 80
Before Congress recessed, President Obama asked Congressional leaders to the White House-Democrats all. A bit of a tactical boo-boo, that. Let the GOP, without a cogent healthcare reform plan of its own, stall change all they like, but keep inviting them. After all, Mr. President, the velvet glove hides the fist.