Does Lou Dobbs Want Bloodshed and Violence in America?



Bottom line: expressing yourself at town halls is perfectly fine. Raising your voice, too. Raising your voice so loud, in fact, that no one could mistake your feelings for someone else’s. But violence? Inciting to violence?

Are we all aware that all we need is one shot, one bullet fired out of one gun aimed at one Representative or Senator and we are at civil war?

To quote a lyric by Stephen Sondheim:

And all you have to do
Is move you little finger,
Move your little finger and
You can change the world.

Do you believe that Lou Dobbs is funny when he joins the violence-inciters along with the birthers and the deathers? What will he do if a Representive or Senator — or someone higher — is physically attacked or worse by someone on the right who’s been whipped up, brainwashed, confused, lied to and spun?

Lou Dobbs’ incitement to commit violence against Howard Dean…well, listen to the whole thing, but it starts at 1:10:

Yeah, yeah, Dobbs is “kidding.” Sure. “Kidding.” Do you want to find out whether that’s really true?

If you want to do something about Dobbs, click here.