5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Rob Sedgwick


segwick_vegan“Warren Manzi’s play Perfect Crime has been running for so long…” — it’s like a Hollywood Squares question, isn’t it? You can almost picture Paul Lynde (if you say “Who?,” please go visit Perez Hilton) saying “the murderer is paroled,” lingering on the final syllables of his quip with just a touch of Katharine Hepburn for effect (if you say “Who?,” please go visit Gawker).

Still, efforts to promote the longest-running play in the history of the New York theater are continuing apace. It was recently announced that actors Rob Sedgwick and Randy Kovitz are joining the cast of Perfect Crime: Kovits began playing psychiatrist Harrison Brent on July 26 while Sedgwick plunged into the role of the deranged patient, Lionel McAuley, the next day.

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Sedgwick is one of those theater veterans that, like Perfect Crime, would appear to be unstoppable. Not just Shavian roles at Irish Rep (The Devil’s Discipline and Major Barbara), but plays at Rattlestick (Vick’s Boy, Bliss), the Paper Mill Playhouse (Death of a Salesman) and Williamstown (Enemies), too. Yes, he has a sister named Kyra, and that means his brother-in-law is a guy named Kevin Bacon, but really, people, this is no time to be noodling around with naming nepotistic nabobs, n’est-ce pas?

Tickets for Perfect Crime are available by calling (212) 921-7862 or by visiting ticketmaster.com. The play performs at the ever-juicy Snapple Theater Center, 1627 Broadway at W. 50th Street.

And now, 5 questions Rob Sedgwick has never been asked — and a bonus question.

1) What’s the most perceptive question anyone has ever asked you about your work?
How did you get to be so tall?

2) What’s the most idiotic question anyone has ever asked you about your work?
How did you get to be so tall?

3) What’s the weirdest question anyone has ever asked you about your work?
How do you do what you do being so tall?

4) You’re stepping into the role of deranged patient Lionel McAuley in Perfect Crime, which has been running since 1987. Don’t you think the poor guy should have gotten good meds by now? Seriously, what’s it like to play a role that has already been played 9,000 times before you? Can you even think in those terms?
It’s just a role that I take on and do. I don’t think about how many performances there have been before me or anything like that. I just try as best I can to be alive in the moment and do the show.

5) In Perfect Crime, you’re also acting with Catherine Russell, who has played Margaret Brent for all but four of those 9,000-plus performances. What do you anticipate learning from such stick-to-itiveness? Would you play a role for 500 or 1,000 performances if you could? Or would you fear getting bored?
It sure is dedication. I could never do what she’s done. I don’t think anybody has. She gives new meaning to the term “Iron Woman.”

Bonus question:

6) You’re co-owner of the vegan gourmet ice cream shop Stogo-but you’re not vegan, right? Doesn’t that make you, er, a little deranged, too?
Yes, I am very deranged. I eat steak and eggs and cheese every night I can, yet I still am co-owner of Stogo, the best dairy-free organic vegan ice cream store, because it tastes better than any ice cream — vegan, steak-flavored or otherwise — out there!