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This announcement — don’t take the above image seriously, folks, I’m just having fun — is courtesy of producer Robert D. Carver:

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Chameleon Theatre Co., Ltd., a New York City-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, is seeking coproducers for Play the Music Softly by Eric Charles McGee. Musical direction and vocal arrangements are by Stephen Cornine. Stage direction is by Robert D. Carver.

Subtitled “The Chansons of Lexus Blue,” the new musical will be given a concert performance on Mon., Aug. 31 at a Manhattan venue TBA. Curtain time is 7:30pm with reception to follow.

Play the Music Softly tells the story of Lexus Blue, a young African-American concert pianist-composer born and raised in Paris by his single mother, who has given up her own career in music to care for him.

How he eventually achieves success and overcomes various handicaps — the absence of the small finger on his left hand, crucial to a classical pianist in spanning the keys, for example — is the principal subject of the musical.

Other characters include two professors at the conservatoire he attends; his French girlfriend, an abstract painter; her rival — an African-American jazz-blues singer and seductress; the mentor and suitor of that singer, himself a pianist; Lexus’ younger self; the son he has had with his girlfriend; an African-American journalist-interviewer at Le Monde; and a young male violin student.

For further information, script, cd with samples from the score, etc., please contact: robertdcarver@yahoo.com.