Masses Wear Groucho Glasses in Chicago. Will Bloomberg Back Marx Brothers Place?


MarxThe video below is hilarious, divine and inspiring! The City of Chicago Outdoor Film Festival, in tandem with the Goodman Theatre, held an event on Tuesday shortly before Duck Soup was to be screened in Grant Park that may have broken the world record for the most people ever to gather wearing Groucho glasses. (There’s a world record for that? You bet there is.)

A radio station in the area, WBBM, is reporting that 20,000 people turned out to see the film, and that the city of Chicago made available 7,000 pairs of Groucho glasses, most of which were distributed. So the record may indeed have been broken.

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Meanwhile, still no word on whether Mayor Bloomberg will endorse the idea of a Marx Brothers Place, which would honor the block of East 93rd Street where the famous siblings grew up — and where their building still proudly stands. The entire block, in fact, remains dangerously vulnerable to unchecked development and needless demolition, and as readers of this website are well aware, Susan Hefti of the 93rd Street Beautification Association is leading the charge to have the Carnegie Hill Historic District extended one block to include the Marx Brothers Place.

So here’s the question: What do the good people of Chicago know that Mayor Bloomberg does not? Watch the video.