Spotlight On: Corcaigh Irlandese, Part of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity



The Clyde Fitch Report is supporting the actors, playwrights, directors and associated artists appearing in the first annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, a new “eco-friendly” festival designed to promote social and cultural awareness. At least 26 not-for-profit organizations with benefit from the proceeds raised by this 19-day event.

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Today’s featured artist is playwright Corcaigh Irlandese; Irlandese’s Cafe Sustainable runs in tandem with Mark William Butler’s Instant Happy!

Café Sustainable – A Corcaigh Irlandese production benefiting EMBARQ and Endometriosis Foundation of America
Written by Corcaigh Irlandese
Directed by Nathan Brauner
Music by Stephane Wrembel


Instant Happy! – Produced by Wildwire Productions benefiting Citymeals-on-Wheels
Written by Mark William Butler
Directed by Richard P. Butler

Two playwrights, two collections. Corcaigh Irlandese’s Café Sustainable: “While NYC EMBARQs upon clean air, India embarks upon surrogate ware.” Nose Fob: a story w/ a certain air to it) and Low Rent Wombs: India – the mother of outsourcing. Mark William Butler’s Instant Happy! presents three different couples, three different places, three crazy little comedies!

All performances are at:
440 Theaters
440 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor
(between Astor Place and E. 4th St.)

June 11 6:30 pm
June 14 11:00 am
June 18 8:30 pm
June 24 8:30 pm
June 27 11:00 am

Each artist answers two questions:

Since the Festivity aims to promote social and cultural awareness in our community, can you talk about how your show will bring people together? Is the subject matter of the play — or is it more style or message or language?
Planet Connections’ mission of hoping to inspire people to fight for causes they believe in and providing a stage where social issues have been explored parallels my own mission as a writer: to explore human character with endless curiosity. I wrote Cafe Sustainable (consisting of Nose Fob and Low Rent Wombs) to offer awareness, mixed with humor and fun, about two causes I believe in: the right to clean air (Nose Fob) and the medical advances of human fertility (Low Rent Wombs). Each play contains the underlying message of the human right to both, and the overt action of characters addressing these issues.

What role do politics play in your work as a theater artist? What role should it play?
Politics plays a role in my work the day that my work is dismissed or protested because of content regarding real issues in our real world. Sometimes art is asked to raise political questions. I don’t think that’s the case in my plays. Current issues are raised in my plays. My plays may raise some questions and offer some irony, but they do not represent a single political point of view. I just strive to create plays that offer awareness about current issues (i.e., social, environmental, medical, etc.) in our world. Regarding the role that art and literature have in politics, I admire something that George Orwell once said: “…it is invariably where I lacked a political purpose that I wrote lifeless books and was betrayed into purple passages, sentences without meaning.”