Schlemiel, Schlemazel — Greetings from Milwaukee!



I’m in Milwaukee for the weekend promoting my book, Historic Photos of Broadway. Why Milwaukee, you ask? What clever readers you are! Where do they find such perceptive and inquisitive and unrelentingly penetrating minds? Well, it so happens that there are more images of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, otherwise known as the fabulous, indelible, incomparable Lunts, than anyone else in my wee little tome. And so the good folks at the Ten Chimneys Foundation — Ten Chimneys was the Lunts’ extraordinary home in the little hamlet of Genesee Depot, Wisconsin — invited me to give a talk. And so I will. Plus receive a tour, which I am frankly over the moon about. I can’t wait for tomorrow night — to commune with the 20th century’s most famous acting couple. Can you believe it?

So stop that Laverne & Shirley-style snickering. I’m here for serious business. And let that business begin!