The Marriage-Equality Bill Will Fail in Albany Because of My State Senator



My State Senator, George Onorato, will be voting no on the marriage-equality bill in Albany. It is because of this 81-year-old man who wraps his bigotry in religion, that discrimination will still have a holy place at the body politic’s table in the state of New York.

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I have just called Senator Onorato’s office and expressed my fury at his coming out, if you’ll pardon the term, against the bill. The snarling lifeform who answered the phone promptly read a prepared statement. I calmly replied that if Senator Onorato does vote against the bill, my community can and should do everything possible under the law not only to unseat him, but to make his every waking moment miserable from that day forward.

Said lifeform said, “Yeah, you and your so-called friends and your strongarm tactics — see what it gets you.” He hung up. I called back. I said, “Don’t you hang up on me! Do I not have the right to express my views directly to my elected representative?” The fellow then re-read Senator Onorato’s prepared statement a second time. Then silence.

People, flyering is great.
Talking is great.
Marching is great.

But how will we make sure Senator Onorato feels the upset if he votes as he says he will?

For those who do not have this information:

Senator George Onorato
28-11 Astoria Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11102
(718) 545-9706
(718) 726-2036 (fax)

Leonard Jacobs
Editor, The Clyde Fitch Report