The Afternoon Report, May 11, 2009


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Twitter Search to dive deeper, rank results
CNET News- by Rafe Needleman
Twitter Search will become a lot more useful soon, the microblogging site’s new vice president of operations said Wednesday night. Santosh Jayaram, who until recently was manager of search quality operations for Google, was on a panel I was moderating in the evening. During the panel and later in a one-on-one discussion, Jayaram confirmed that Twitter Search, which currently searches only the text of Twitter posts, will soon begin to crawl the links included in tweets and begin to index the content of those pages.

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This will make Twitter Search a much more complete index of what’s happening in real time on the Web and make it an even more credible competitor to Google Search for people looking for very timely content.

Twitter Search will also get a “reputation” ranking system soon, Jayaram told me. When you do a search on a “trending” topic–a topic that is so big it gets its own link in the sidebar–Twitter will take into account the reputation of the person who wrote each tweet and rank the search results in part based on that.”
So, to what degree can Twitter really take on Google? Doesn’t it seem like that’s the goal? How realistic is that when your posts are only 140 characters? Isn’t it a matter of time before that, too, is rethought?