Help the Stolen Chair Theatre Company Get a Grant



This is an unusual request from The Clyde Fitch Report, but I’m making an exception. Jon Stancato, artistic director of the Stolen Chair Theatre Company and a dear friend of mine, sent me an email today to tell me that the company

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is among a very small handful of organizations currently eligible for a nice $3,000 award from the Jenzabar Foundation. They asked for non-profits to submit narratives of how they use social media to raise awareness and funds for their work. Worthy submissions are posted on their blog. In the spirit of social media, the submission with the most comments receives the cash.

So I thought, Hm, that sounds like fun. Jon, naturally, had included the link to Stolen Chair’s submission to the foundation and explained that

the winner is the organization which drums up the most comments. right now we’re in first place but there are two orgs hot on our tails. i’m wondering if a) you’d be willing to post a comment (as simple as “This all sounds great, Jon” or “Love it, Stolen Chair!”) and/or b) you’d be willing to drop a mention of it on the far-reaching and all-powerful Clyde Fitch Report.

Well, after I removed all that glossy lipstick from my gluteus maximus, I clicked on the link and I read Stolen Chair’s narrative and proposal. Here is a small sample:

New York’s Stolen Chair Theatre Company is a critically-acclaimed award-winning non-profit collaborative theatre lab, now in its 7th season, dedicated to the theft, recycling, and reexamination of historical performance styles and to the creation of visually stunning and uniquely contemporary theatre where the earnest and the ironic happily co-exist. We have, since launching our first website in 2002, quite a few weeks before launching our first production, always understood the importance of leveraging the latest web technologies to enhance communication with our audience and community of supporters. Casual supporters can browse our regularly updated website (which averages 3,000 visits per month and 4,000 visits when we have a show running), full of rich original content (like script excerpts, reviews, production photos, and reading lists), where they can sign up for our bi-weekly e-newsletters (we currently have over 3,500 subscribers) or make an online donation via Paypal. For those who want go deeper, we use everything the Internet has to offer to give supporters the chance to virtually join us in rehearsal, peer into the minds of our creative team, get up to the minute updates, influence our project selection and development, and make a day-to-day impact on our fiscal operations.

The narrative/proposal then goes on to outline all the myriad ways in which Stolen Chair leverages social networking to get the word out, rally the troops, pique the industry and so forth. So I signed.

And I ask that you do the same thing. Here again is the homepage for the foundation and here, more to the point, is the link to Stolen Chair’s submission to the foundation.