Freelancers Union Needs…Freelancers (!) to Attend Key City Council Hearing



As per the Freelancers Union — specifically Althea Erickson, Senior Manager of Advocacy and Policy — I’ve been advised that the New York City Council will hold a public hearing on the question of eliminating the Unincorporated Business Tax, which unfairly and rather harshly double-taxes freelancers on their work.

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Here’s the 411, below. If you want to sign up to attend this meeting, visit

Dear Member,

Freelancers in New York pay double taxes because of the Unincorporated Business Tax. But we’re fighting to change that.

Already, we’ve convinced the Mayor, City Council Speaker, and Comptroller to join our call to end the Unincorporated Business Tax, and now it’s time to take our campaign to the steps of City Hall.

On April 28th the New York City Council will hold a public hearing on exempting freelancers from the UBT. By packing the room, we’ll send a clear message to City and State leaders: END THE DOUBLE TAX ON FREELANCERS. Bring every freelancer you know.

Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Time: 12:30 pm
Location: 250 Broadway, New York, NY

Our bottom-lines are at stake. Let us know you’re coming today.

Want the UBT repealed but can’t join us on April 28th? Contribute to the campaign now for lower taxes later.

Althea Erickson
Senior Manager of Advocacy and Policy