The L.A. Times Calls On American Idol to “Open the Closet,” Then Ignores Someone


seacrest-gay1I don’t usually comment on television, since there generally isn’t much to comment about. But I was struck by this morning’s story in the Los Angeles Times with the headline “‘American Idol’ needs to open the closet door.” Well, that’s encouraging, so I started reading. The piece focuses on Adam Lambert, who is clearly the season’s front-runner and is called “flamboyant.” (I have read other articles calling Lambert a “theater actor” — you have to love industry parlance, hm?)

Well, let me help: Lambert is gay. Gay, gay, gay. La, la, la, ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha, woo, woo, woo, gay, gay, gay, snap, snap, snap. There, someone said it. So now, when you read the third paragraph of the article…

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There’s been some joking on various websites that this year’s most flamboyant front-runner, Adam Lambert, will perform Jackson’s early ’90s hit “In the Closet” as a response to recently leaked photographs of him kissing a man and dressed in glamour-queen drag. Jackson released the song just when his astounding musical charisma began to strain under the weight of his eccentricities.

…you can understand why Lambert might choose to sing that song.

But while we’re at it — if the writer of the story, Ann Powers, the L.A. Times’ pop music critic, is going to create a lede that reads “Adam Lambert isn’t the first contestant to have a back story that doesn’t fit perfectly inside the homogenous whole the show tries to present,” why not go all out and even acknowledge the rumors that surround the show’s, um, host? I mean, come on.

Meantime, watch this (if you didn’t when it aired). Paula’s hysteria is pretty hysterical.