The Fate of The Village Voice


With the fate of The Village Voice increasingly an open question (I refer you, dear reader, to the first two posts connected to this link), I found this story, though the tone is darkly snarky, rather interesting to think about. I do suggest everyone take a look at it.

The headline is: ‘Village Voice’ Layoffs Exemplify Decline of Mainstream Counterculture.

Story continues below.

Is this a contradictory phrase or idea? Or is this, perhaps, a way of saying that the Village Voice has made its point in the long-term sociological sense? Is it a way of saying that all things have a lifespan and that this latest turn of events, amidst all the other tumult in media, may simply be the end of it?

I’m not at all saying I wish for that — indeed, I don’t wish for that at all. The first review I wrote were for the Voice 19 years ago; the Voice is a tradition, an idea, a symbol.

I’m simply wondering whether that may be the dynamic that’s operating here. It’s a moral question, an ethical question, as much as a fiscal one.

The author of the story, S.T. Karnick, of course, is a conservative, so the tone doesn’t surprise me. Those who butchered this nation and botched it up need something to cavil about, especially as they wipe the blood of their countrymen off their hands.