Lynn Forrester de Rothschild: Hillary Supporter, Racist Anti-Obama Bitch


Very sad to wake up this morning and learn that Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, a major Hillary supporter who very publicly discussed her concerns about Obama, is turning turncoat and giving her endorsement to McCalamity.

Read this article and read between the lines. The article quotes her as saying:

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“This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”

What? Is she deaf? She can’t articulate a reason why she doesn’t trust Obama beyond the tired “elitist” charge (single mother = elitist?). So, really, I think it’s because Lynn Forrester de Rothschild — nice working-class name, that — is just a big nasty racist. I feel like she hasn’t given me a reason to call her anything but a racist. Yeah, she’s a racist who can’t bring herself to vote for a man of mixed race — far more qualified than McCrash — for president.

So endorse him, traitor. I hope when some nuke goes off somewhere, God forbid, you’re in the middle of it. But then, that would be too good for someone like you.