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On Stage Now: The US Women Who Served in Vietnam

A documentary play called 'In Their Footsteps" illuminates an era.

South Korean Novelist Plays America (Nods to Camus and Homer)

Eventually, J.M. Lee may or may not write the Great South Korean Novel.

Hirabayashi Lives On, Still Defending the US Constitution

A play set in World War II reminds us that our rights are only as strong as our resolve to defend them.

How “Mudbound” Smartly Deconstructs the Mammy Myth

No more whitewashing the history of forced black domestic labor under slavery.

Ken Burns’ New Documentary and the Old Mistake of Vietnam

Vietnam was stupid, hopeless, murderous. "The Vietnam War," the series, has other flaws.

Peace in 1,800,000 Steps: Songwriter Rand Bishop’s Journey

Fed up with the country's meanness, Rand Bishop took 1,800,000 radical steps.

“Luft Gangster” Dramatizes World War II Hell

the Third Reich is telling its people of the US “Luft Gangster” program for convicts

Yesterday’s Xenophobia Today: Japanese Internment & Muslim Bans

Exhibitions commemorate Japanese internment with chilling relevance to politics today.

Presenting Tante Fritzi, Doyenne of (US) Weimar Kabarett

"You are dangerous, but very funny. And you reveal truth they are afraid to speak."

Paying Homage to Hope in the Era of Trump

Remember: those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Rachel Weisz Delivers Plenty (and Then Some)

The endlessly complex and elusive Susan Traherne remains a grueling and epic role.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins Wages “War”

Two metaphorical wars and a literal one.

Trump’s Dreams, Orwell’s Nightmares

Orwell warned not only of surveillance, but also of nationalistic demagogues, like Trump.

Remembrance of Nazi Things Past

The legacy of ex-Nazis eluding justice may be over.

Playing Winston Churchill: Monumental Man, Not Myth

A Victorian man in a modern age.

The Raping of David Sarnoff’s NBC and ABC

The Brian Williams cover-up represents television's latest desecration of media pioneer David Sarnoff and his quest for truth.

A Fond and Sad Goodbye to “Foyle’s War”

Anthony Horowitz's superlative TV series airs its final three episodes on

Proof of Holocaust? Visit “Wiesenthal”

Rejecting "collective guilt" to embrace a legacy.

Peace On Earth: How Do We Begin?

Dreams of one naive citizen -- but we used to be a country of dreamers.

On the Road to Bing Crosby and Bob Hope

What Crosby's "White Christmas" and new Hope biography remind us about them.
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