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With SingleCare, Free Healthcare Discounts Are Perfect for Artists

Even those without insurance can get free discounts on medication, dental care, vision care and more.

New Play, ‘Alternating Currents,’ Electrifies a Queens Neighborhood

The remarkable idealism of Electchester -- and its complicated response to a changing NYC.

8 Nonprofit Phrases, From Least to Most Exploitative, Ranked

"Salary commensurate with experience" and other infuriating phrases used by nonprofits.

“Skeleton Crew,” By Playwright Morisseau, Finds Life in Detroit

Does Morisseau think Trump can restore jobs to Detroit? Hell no.

Could “I, Daniel Blake” Rekindle the Healthcare Debate?

The main character in Ken Loach’s latest film, I, Daniel Blake, instantly creates a connection with the audience because his experiences are those that...

For Parent Artists in Theater, Rachel Spencer Hewitt Is a PAAL

For parent artists, a new advocacy network to address needs and raise visibility.

More Women in Ballet Must Go From Pointe to Power

Why is it so difficult to see women not just as fouetteing ballerinas but choreographers?

“Sweat” on Broadway: Setting the Stage for Trump

No play on Broadway addresses the political climate more immediately than this one.

Trump Is Making My Clients (and Me) Ponder Career Change

We're inspired to imagine careers and lives that provide help others will need now.

My Audience of One: Why I Write

I think a lot about how they might know me if I dropped dead one day.

Obama’s Overtime Rules, My Theater, and Me

The arts administrator in me suddenly broke into a sweat.

Melkis Alvarez-Baez’s Passion for Nonprofit Work at NPCC

Interview with a nonprofiteer who just cannot get enough nonprofit management!

Why Nonprofits Must Embrace, Not Fear, Remote Work

With good management, flex work solves lots of problems.

Seanna Bruno: Ending Relationship Violence with One Love

"This is the most important thing I've done in my life."

Resources & Inspirations For Moms Relaunching Careers

"I’m still the same highly educated, ambitious woman — I just took a career break."

Can I Be A Black Woman At Work?

I struggle with how Black to be at work.

A Note From a “Femme d’un Certain Age”

The sound of protest coming from two blocks away.

January’s Over: How to Stick with New Year’s Resolutions

By now, some of us have slipped back into stagnant, old patterns.

Career Calisthenics for Healthier Nonprofit Workers

Nonprofits are nimble, creative and human-centered by design.

How I Learned To Work From Home & Why You Should...

The workforce of the future will include remote work whether we like it or not.
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