Monday, December 11, 2017
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Actresses Paved the Way: “Trailblazing Women” on TCM

Illeana Douglas puts a spotlight on Hollywood and focuses on gender parity.

Crowded Fire Leads With Art and Innovation

A woman-led San Francisco theater provoking engagement with complex social issues

Why The Fashion Police Cannot Defeat ISIS

Women's choice: one of the world's most beautiful things.

Note to American Media: Get a Damn Grip!

You're not Hillary Clinton's doctor.

Feminist Theater Critic Jill Dolan Faces the World

"Sometimes I think I lead from the heart, and my heart often bleeds a little."

Her Story, Our Story: Voting for Artemisia Theatre

Focusing on the female story.

In Chicago, Refining the Cultural and Critical Lens

Five women in theater discuss training the next generation of theater lovers.

Ruby Lerner Is More Than Ready for Retirement

Creative Capital's innovative founding director talks about planning "Ruby 3.0."

How a Millennial Channels Janis Joplin

"Some audience members think I’m truly drunk towards the end..."

“Vinegar Girl”: Anne Tyler Tames the “Shrew”

American novelist determined to remake outmoded Shakespeare.

The Pipeline Festival Answers The Readiness Question

How a trio of artistic leaders learned from each other and Women's Project Theater Lab.

Racism Is Why I Didn’t Vote for Bernie Sanders

If you’re fighting oppression because it's convenient, you're not fighting oppression.

Solving the Challenge of Gender Equity in the Arts

The next iteration of the Marbury Project needs your help.

Tony Adams Creates Space For Women and “Friends”

A Chicago artistic director advocates for female playwrights and female-centered stories.

A Close Look at the Problems Facing Hillary’s Ticket

The perception of dishonesty isn't fair, but it still exists . . .

Actor and Parasomniac Pens a Memoir of Recovery

For one actor, intergenerational trauma is epidemic.

“Ugly Little Sister” From Page to Stage

Play development veteran Charlotte Miller mashes reality TV and myth in commission project

We Don’t Believe in the Autonomy of Black Women

Have you cited a Black woman today?

How Susan Bernfield Proves the Viability of Weird Theater

New Georges's Artistic Director on adventurous theater and performing in your living room.