Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Hooray for Hashtag #HeForShe

Celebrities can give a familiar face to social and political issues, sometimes they say things that are worth listening to.

How Many Women Work Off-Broadway?

The League of Professional Theatre Women has released the results of a new study that counts 13 employment categories.

The F Word

We need to quit thinking of feminism as “man-hating,” or something that only bra-burning hippies are interested in.

After the Longest Red Carpet in Emmy History

Seriously? ... Yay! ... Seriously?

Recalling the Exceptional Eyes of Carol C. Carlisle

"Look in your attic -- you may be doing history a favor."

Edna Goodrich: From Fame to Forgotten

Many celebrities of the past fall down the hole of obscurity, with few who know or care about their history.

Igniting Interest in Historic Plays by Women

A new initiative by History Matters/Back to the Future

The Good, the Bad, the Emmys

The Emmy nominations? Talk about sins of omission.

Introducing The Marbury Project: Covering Women in the Arts

Providing space for people to speak their truth.

A Reply to ‘For Women Playwrights, Did 50-50 in 2020 Fail?’

I’m going to attempt to answer these questions.

For Women Playwrights, Did 50-50 in 2020 Fail?

What about all other women?

Cliven Bundy on the Right to Work

The Nigerian girls have been found!

Dispatches from the War on Women

Come on ladies, pick up your kids and quit bitching!

Frances Fisher Makes “Resurrection” Come Alive

I called "The Blacklist" and "Sleepy Hollow" and now I’m calling this one.

TV Legend Dick Cavett Recreates History Off-Broadway

An alchemy of warmth, depth, range, skill, charm and humor. Always humor.

Online Test: Casting Assumptions

Is your first thought your best when it comes to diversity?

Broadway Blooms with Blind Items

Rumors about two new musicals.

Alcoholic Girl on the Rocks

The upside of hitting bottom...at 15.

My TV Trip Down Memory Lane

Films on TV I hadn't seen since their release.

How Disney Sold P. L. Travers Down the River (Twice)

What's wrong with "Saving Mr. Banks," anyway?
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