Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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YouTube’s #DearMe Campaign: Empowering Young Women

So what would you tell your younger self?

Hillary, Stop Doing Stupid Things

I want you to rise above and show me that the woman who stood by her man in 1992 will stand by her supporters.

I’m Not Schizoid. I’m an Artist.

"...the myriad of human expressions manifested in the great art forms from all over the world."

Five Feminists Doing Amazing Things

In a dream world little girls would look up to these women instead of the Kardashians, but that won't happen until we spread the word.

Next on SNL: Selling Drones to Terrorists!

The would-be terrorists start laughing.

The Sisterhood of Roller Derby

My teammates are like my sisters, cousins. The refs are like my brothers... I've made some of my best friends in this team.

My Pick to Replace Jon Stewart: It’s Not Who You Think

Check him out and tell me what you think.

Sorry Not Sorry

No, I don't want kids, and I doubt I will change my mind. I also don't want to hang out wi

Through the Eyes of Director Cyndy A. Marion

Would you ask a man this question?

Say It Isn’t So, Joe! A Personal Reminiscence

I was honored to call him my friend.

Supreme Court Telegraphs Huge Blow To Obamacare?

"Plain meaning" may mean anything but.

It’s a Marvel Universe!

A marvelous Marvel -- and Debbie Reynolds.

Remembering the Brilliant Stories of Mavis Gallant

"The New Yorker" fiction writer, who died last year, is unfairly too obscure.

Anti-Feminism: Competition Amongst Women

If you often find yourself feeling bad about yourself due to something a "friend" did, it might be time to cut those ties.

Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates: The American Freak Show

Three breakout performances.

The Value of an Autograph

Autographs are validation, but we don't always need to be validated.

So Much for Britannia: Girls Rule the Waves!

Women. And power.

Who’s the Muse: On Gender and Inspiration

When an actress is inspired by a male writer or director, who’s the muse?

The Abortionist’s Daughter: Women on B’way in the 1910s

Elisa DeCarlo's new novel explores feminism as seen through the eyes of a young actress on Broadway.
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