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How “Mudbound” Smartly Deconstructs the Mammy Myth

No more whitewashing the history of forced black domestic labor under slavery.

Meghan Markle Is More Than “Descended From Slaves”

To say that Markle is descended from slaves on her maternal side, solely, is to deny the truth.

When Will Janet Jackson Get The Respect She Deserves?

A sincere apology to Janet Jackson would be a step in the right direction and a move towards righting a wrong that should never have occurred.

Black Girl In Om: Creating a Space for Women of Color...

In the current climate of our country, self-care is not just helpful; it’s a necessary lifeline.

10 Articles on Gender Parity You Need to Read Right Now

Ten gender parity articles you may have missed over the summer. Grab a cuppa and read.

► Why “The Haven” Is a Must-See Web Series

A podcast discussion on "The Haven," a new web series set at a domestic violence shelter.

6 Women Working in the Arts: A Springtime Selection

"Some of my favorite articles lately about women working in different art forms."

► Why Nijla Mu’min is a Director to Watch

In this podcast Mu'min discusses her upcoming film Jinn, a Muslim coming-of-age tale.

Catherine Filloux and Poetic Political Theater

The playwright's latest work tackles female ambition, political power and family legacy.

Crowded Fire Leads With Art and Innovation

A woman-led San Francisco theater provoking engagement with complex social issues

Racism Is Why I Didn’t Vote for Bernie Sanders

If you’re fighting oppression because it's convenient, you're not fighting oppression.

We Don’t Believe in the Autonomy of Black Women

Have you cited a Black woman today?

Misogynoir and Black Women’s Unpaid Emotional Labor

Too many expect Black women to give time and care for free.

Genres Ripe for Women of Color Protagonists

Maybe one day we'll see a woman of color in the "Star Trek" captain's chair.

New Directions, New Questions About Women Of Color In Theatre

What would you like to discuss about women of color in theatre?

‘Tulpa’ and Healing Through Writing

Writing healed me from a lot of the race and gender trauma I had internalized from a world that hates and fears Black women.

Getting the Hang of Intersectionality

Four questions you can ask yourself to help give you a better grip on applying intersectionality.

From Margin to Center: Intersectionality and You

It starts with 3 simple questions.

Will “Bullets Over Broadway” Shoot Close? Plus Two Blind Items

Sexy boy-toys vs. handsome young companions

Romeo and Juliet: A May-November Love Story in Purgatory

Romeo has never been this sexy or probably this old.