Monday, February 19, 2018
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Both Parties Do It? Time to Admit You’re Wrong

Let’s start with the horror show that is the Republican tax bill.

Why a 1947 Opera About Susan B. Anthony Feels Right Now

History comes around again in surprising ways. Places fall apart and are put back together. People come together, go away, and come back again....

How to Drive Politicians Crazy: Vote

Imagine an election that produces another Lincoln rather than a Trump.

NASCAR Politics: Turn Left and Gun It

So it all gets harder for Democrats, but it is never impossible.

Remember to Vote . . . As a Theater Advocate

Some tips to strengthen your political voice from The League of Independent Theater.

The Fraud of Voter Fraud

Let’s break down the two most terrible outcomes from the disastrous Supreme Court ruling.

Hooey Defeats Human: The Undecided Voter

Undecideds inevitably say they are looking for "the candidate who will do the most for me."

The Real Silent Killer: Voter Indifference

Plato: "The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

Angelina Jolie, Gay Marriage, and Voting Rights

The Supreme Court this term weighs very human issues.

El Papa Nuevo and the GOP

Could the newly elected pope be the Republicans' gift from god?

Five U.S. Supreme Court Decisions to Watch in 2013

The high court will impact affirmative action, voting rights, gene patenting, gay marriage, and DNA testing of suspects.

Will “Nones” Elect the Next President?

Pew survey shows the "religiously unaffiliated" carry political power.

The Nationwide Voter-Fraud Scam Affects You

Any attempt to suppress the fundamental right to vote should be shouted down by every citizen.

Want to Vote on Saturdays? Sundays? Move to San Francisco

If Americans are offered a fair, square deal in terms of voting, they'll make their voices heard.
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