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“The Phoenix Years”: Celebrating Chinese Artists’ Persistence

Madeleine O'Dea's new history examines China's post-Mao creative life.

► CFR Podcast Roundtable: Why We Need Books

A podcast with CFR writers on what we read, how we read and why books matter.

In Trump Times, Arts Volunteers Find a Brave New World

If we want arts to save our world, it will have to happen with much less government.

Alma Thomas’ Radiant Abstraction at the Studio Museum

Gloriously beautiful paintings by a pioneering African-American woman artist.

The Hidden Highway Happenings of Los Angeles

After two years in LA, I have experienced all manner of odd, everyday performances.

50 Ways to Support Female Artists

Buy the art and forty-nine other ways to show love to your favorite artists.

How Architects Nearly Screwed Up Modernity

Thanks, Frank. You and others explored the true meaning of modernity and its democratic principles, and expressed such in your works, leading us to sustainability.

John Singer Sargent Captures Henry James in Oils

The superb portraitist achieves two versions of his novelist friend in one sitting.

I’m Not Schizoid. I’m an Artist.

"...the myriad of human expressions manifested in the great art forms from all over the world."

Remembering a Penthouse Painter

"Creativity is its own teacher."

A Portrait of Norman Mailer as a Visual Artist

"What began as doodles on a small pad by the phone had evolved into something more serious."

Exhibition Offers Digital Design Utopia

Digital technology and manufacturing can change the world.

Politics and Paintings Stir Vienna

A theater usher rebels, and Lucien Freud and Emil Nolde reign.

Oz Nashville’s Wonderful World of Arts

The new complex will be the home of multi-disciplinary "Brave New Art."

Abstraction + Geometry = Abstractometry

Exhibition shows the power of abstract images to evoke pure, intense emotional responses.

Fashion Fights the Tyranny of the Cloud

Designer Rachael Reichert blends fashion and film in a cautionary tale.

Art is Alive (and Growing)

Bacteria as not only friend, but art supply.

Detroit, Deaccession and the Cultural Role of Museums

A museum collection is more than the sum of its artworks.

Trayvon Martin, David Hammons and How to Think About Hoods

Racists harping on hoodies need to STFU and learn something from art.

On TV, Ovation Pushes Action, Airtime and Applause

On the trail of America's arts network: CFR commentary and Q&A with the COO.
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