Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Political Theatre Thrives Once More in Brexit-Era London

British audiences are going where there's political theatre.

Could “I, Daniel Blake” Rekindle the Healthcare Debate?

The main character in Ken Loach’s latest film, I, Daniel Blake, instantly creates a connection with the audience because his experiences are those that...

Three British Princesses Champion the Enlightenment

An exhibition shows these British princesses embraced progress, art and science.

After Lyn Gardner: Want Great Arts Coverage? Pay For It.

Short of paywalls, what is the solution?

Pantomime: The Perfect Tonic for 2016? Oh Yes!

If we can't laugh at the past 12 months, what can we do?

Rachel Weisz Delivers Plenty (and Then Some)

The endlessly complex and elusive Susan Traherne remains a grueling and epic role.

I’ll See Your Brexit and Raise You a Trump

If Trump follows Leave, what of artists and social responsibility?

Brexit: British Theatre Must Respond

London needs to wake up and look outside of the bubble.

After Chilcot Report: Will ICC Try Blair, Bush?

The British diatribe is just one of a forceful continuum of condemnations of Blair, Bush.

I’m The Greatest Star: When Twitter Rains on Your Parade

Social media's role in the downfall of London's Norma Desmond and Fanny Brice.

The Economics of Terror: Why the West End Needs a New...

How an unstable tourist market could potentially change West End theatre.

Adam Sisman’s “John le Carré” Spies on David Cornwell

David Cornwell: still determining his true identity.

Mind the Gap, London, and Farewell

England has given me a gift: a pair of gimlet eyes.

“Key Change”: Telling the Stories of Female Prisoners

"I want an equal world, one that celebrates solidarity, one free of discrimination..."

In Theater, Can We Preserve the Ephemeral?

Theatre is a dying art form, but it is also born anew with each performance.

5 More Must-See London Theater Productions

Gets you thinking about conventional limitations, doesn’t it?

8 Must-See London Theater Productions

The next wave of Great Britain's domination of Broadway.

Playing Winston Churchill: Monumental Man, Not Myth

A Victorian man in a modern age.

Noir of the Greasepaint, Spell on the Crowd

The last great musical comedy of the 20th century returns.