Sunday, December 16, 2018
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50 Ways to Support Female Artists

Buy the art and forty-nine other ways to show love to your favorite artists.

“Key Change”: Telling the Stories of Female Prisoners

"I want an equal world, one that celebrates solidarity, one free of discrimination..."

Raging Toward Balance in Theater

A shift in the artist and in the organization may be the answer to equitable theaters.

Women Leading in Theatre Need Power, Focus, Vision

Many times we discover our authentic voice or true calling later in life.

Counting Women: Baselines for Advocacy

Consistently collected data keep systems honest. On this foundation, we build creative and

Voicing Questions About the Women’s Voices Theater Festival

Accolades are in order -- and many questions remain.

Women in Chicago Theater, Through a Playwright’s Eyes

"...simply having a female leader does not necessarily lead to widespread gender parity."

Bessie Marbury and Women in the Arts

What about the other 89 percent?
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