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A Play About Equity for Women? (Yes! Written In 1912!)

Stanley Houghton's "Hindle Wakes" was ahead of its time. But serendipity can be jaw-dropping.

All Hail “The Crown” (and the Queen)

Peter Morgan's Netflix series offers catharsis for uneasy times.

Like Music, Broadway’s “Farinelli” Has Charms — and Mark Rylance

Was Spain's melancholy king, Philippe V, crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Only a castrato knew for sure.

Many Presidents Found New Jersey Beautiful, Until Trump

Maybe he just values the sight of dollar signs more than the environment.

In “Torch Song” Return, Fierstein Lights Beautiful Gay Flame

Michael Urie as Arnold Beckoff, Mercedes Ruehl as Ma Beckoff spark Kaufman's production.

“Downton Abbey” Star Does Double Time on Broadway

The playwright bounces time on his knee.

Why TYA Should Join the Dark Side (of Fairy Tales)

Fairy tales told with their original darkness prepare kids for the dangers of real life.

Mozart Librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, Dead Since 1838, Speaks

All I could manage was "Lorenzo Da Ponte, is that you?" To which he replied "Ha ha!"

Dominic Dromgoole Goes “Globe”-trotting with Hamlet

A new book describes the mission to perform "Hamlet" in every country on earth.

Get Your Theater More Than an Audience–Build a Fandom

What church and K-pop can teach us about building a lifestyle around your organization.

What Is a “Consumer-Friendly” Arts Experience?

It comes down to these four words.

“Troilus and Cressida” in Central Park Won’t Drive

Perhaps Shakespeare was having a joke on himself.

Vengeance Is Mine: Paula Vogel’s “Indecent”

The back story of a "shonda for the goyim."

On What Theater Has Become

Why have we allowed the power of theater to dwindle?

Theater of War: Restoring an Ancient Purpose

Using classical Greek theater to heal the deepest modern wounds.

How Should We Respond to Shakespeare’s Sexism?

How do we negotiate between what Shakespeare is and what we want Shakespeare to be?

Founding Visions: Joseph Papp & the Hungry Public

"Everybody needs theatre." -- Joseph Papp

Founding Visions: The Childlike Roots of Regional Theater

I worry about the people who never enter theaters.

Founding Visions: Charles Ludlam and the Importance of Company

Are theater breakthroughs connected to continuity?

Founding Visions: Orson Welles and Dangerous Theater

Orson Welles didn't fear challenging the status quo -- why do we?
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